Liberal Media Circus Targets Trump in Latest Legal Clown Show!

What a hoot! Can you believe these liberal news outlets? They’re so predictable with their biased takes on anything and everything that has to do with our fantastic former President, Donald J. Trump. Take, for example, this article about Judge Lewis A. Kaplan facing off against Trump in another ridiculous lawsuit brought on by writer and professional loose screw E. Jean Carroll.

Right from the get-go, the writer praises the judge as if he’s some kind of saint for presiding over this circus of a trial. They fail to mention that Trump previously won a partial victory against Carroll’s defamation claims, and now she’s back for another round like a persistent mosquito at a Fourth of July barbecue.

The New York Times, of course, does its usual schtick of bashing Trump while ignoring the fact that Carroll’s allegations are about as credible as a unicorn sighting. For heaven’s sake, she can’t even remember when or where the alleged incident took place! But no matter, the media will latch onto any story that paints Trump in a negative light, truth be darned.

And let’s not forget the judge’s attempt to intimidate Trump in the courtroom. It’s like they can’t stand it when he doesn’t play by their rules. You can almost hear the judge’s frustration as Trump brushes off his attempted power play with his signature flair. It’s like a scene out of a comedy!

But really, the most ridiculous part of all this is the left’s ongoing use of lawfare to try and take down the people’s champion. Carroll’s allegations are as flimsy as wet toilet paper, and yet she’s still being propped up by the anti-Trump brigade.

The shenanigans don’t stop there, though. The media and the left just can’t help but push their agenda, from pretending Trump’s legal battles are a liability to the totally unbiased statement from the former national security advisor about the 2024 election being in jeopardy. Give us a break!


Written by Staff Reports

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