Liberal Media Figures Question Biden’s Immigration Policies

There are rumblings in the liberal media that President Joe Biden is causing some prominent figures to turn against him. Even CNN’s Fareed Zakaria recently suggested that Biden should re-implement former President Donald Trump’s asylum policies to address the illegal immigration crisis. Zakaria went so far as to say that Trump’s policies were correct and the right approach. This surprising commentary suggests that even some liberal media figures are starting to question Biden’s decisions.

The concerns over Biden’s immigration policies are not without reason. Since Biden reversed Trump’s border policies, there has been a surge of immigrants entering the country, some of whom are receiving benefits and privileges that rival those of American citizens. The strain on resources and public services is becoming evident in places like New York City and Denver, where the influx of illegal immigrants is taking a toll on hospitals and public finances.

Despite the ongoing support from CNN and MSNBC for Biden, there are growing doubts about his effectiveness as a president. Critics argue that Biden’s track record does not reflect a strong and competent leader. The challenges at home and abroad, including the immigration crisis, have fueled skepticism about Biden’s ability to lead effectively.

It seems that even some in the liberal media are starting to acknowledge the shortcomings of Biden’s presidency. The unexpected backlash from prominent figures like Zakaria highlights the growing dissatisfaction with Biden’s approach to key issues such as immigration. This shift in sentiment may have implications for Biden’s political standing and the support he receives from the liberal media going forward.

Written by Staff Reports

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