Liberal Media Twists Trump’s Auto Industry Warning into Doom Prediction!

In the world of biased and deceptive media, it seems like they all share a brain cell. They’re like a flock of sheep following the lead of a DNC staffer playing headline writer. The latest target of their fake news frenzy? None other than the beloved former President Donald J. Trump. According to these liberal lapdogs, Trump supposedly predicted a bloodbath in the streets if he doesn’t win the election in November. But hold your horses, folks! The truth is as elusive as Bigfoot in these twisted tales spun by the mainstream media.

Let’s set the record straight, shall we? The real story is that Trump was sounding the alarm about a potential bloodbath in the auto industry if Sleepy Joe Biden and his electric vehicles plan ran amok. But did the liberal rags bother to mention this crucial detail? Of course not! It doesn’t fit their anti-Trump narrative, so they conveniently sweep it under the rug faster than a cat covering its mess.

NY Times, NBC News, The Guardian, ABC News, CNBC – they’re all part of the same circus, parroting the same misleading tune. Their headlines scream of Trump predicting doomsday scenarios, but they conveniently omit the crucial context. It’s a classic case of fake news on repeat.

Hats off to the lone ranger, NY Post, for at least getting it right. They highlighted Trump’s concerns about the auto industry, unlike their delusional counterparts who took a creative writing class in fiction instead of journalism school. But hey, who needs honesty when you can have sensationalism, am I right?

And let’s not forget the cherry on top – Elon Musk calling out the media charade for what it is. Even a tech titan can see through the smoke and mirrors of these so-called news outlets. The real danger here isn’t Trump’s words, but the dishonesty dripping from the pens of those who claim to inform the public. The Fourth Estate? More like the Fake Estate.

So next time you see a headline screaming about Trump’s so-called predictions, remember this saga of media malpractice. Stick to the facts, question the narrative, and never trust a liberal with a pen – unless you’re in the mood for some fiction disguised as news.

Written by Staff Reports

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