Liberal Media Weeps for Shooter While Victims Suffer!

The liberal media is at it again, portraying criminals as victims and trying to tug at the heartstrings of their misguided readers. The mother of the suspected Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade shooter, Lyndell Mays, has the audacity to set up a GoFundMe for her son after he allegedly committed heinous acts of violence at the celebration. Teneal Burnside shamelessly tried to solicit funds for her son’s so-called “tragic time” as he faced charges of second-degree murder, armed criminal action, and unlawful use of a weapon. What about the victims and their families who are going through the actual tragic time caused by Mays’ actions?

According to reports, the now-deleted fundraiser claimed that Mays was in the ICU fighting for his recovery from several surgeries after being involved in the shooting at the Chiefs’ Super Bowl celebration. The nerve of Burnside to paint her son as a victim when it’s clear that he was responsible for spreading pain and sadness at an event meant to bring joy to so many. The fundraiser managed to rake in over $100 before charges were filed against Mays, with the intention of using the money to pay for his medical treatment. It’s outrageous that there are individuals out there who were willing to contribute to the medical expenses of a man accused of causing so much harm to others.

Mays is said to have started shooting after a confrontation with 18-year-old Dominic Miller, who is also facing charges. The altercation escalated when Mays allegedly brandished his gun, leading to a chaotic shootout that left over 20 people injured and reportedly resulted in the tragic death of 43-year-old Lisa Lopez-Galvan. It’s clear that Mays’ actions have caused irreparable damage and heartache to the victims and their loved ones, yet his mother had the gall to set up a fundraiser to support him. This is a prime example of how some people are quick to sympathize with criminals while ignoring the suffering of innocent individuals affected by their actions.

The liberal media may try to spin this story to evoke sympathy for Mays and his family, but the truth is that their focus should be on the real victims of this senseless violence. It’s time to hold criminals accountable for their actions and stop allowing their families to profit from their wrongdoing. The victims and their families deserve justice and support, not the misguided generosity of those who are misled by attempts to paint criminals as victims.

Written by Staff Reports

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