Liberals Urge Supreme Court Justices to Retire Amid Biden Election Worries

In the news, there are reports that liberals are feeling nervous about the upcoming election. They are saying that Joe Biden still has a chance to win, but some are starting to worry. A writer at Vox named Ian Millhiser is suggesting that Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan should resign so that Biden can choose their replacements.

The argument is that Sotomayor, who is turning 70, and Kagan, who is 64, are too old to continue serving on the Court. This thinking is quite extreme and may not be based on facts. It’s interesting that Democrats are pushing for this when they nominated Joe Biden, who is older than both Justices.

The idea behind this push is to follow what happened with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. However, the circumstances are different as Ginsburg was much older when discussions about retirement came up. Even though President Obama tried to persuade her to retire, she chose to stay on the Court until her passing in 2020.

Some commentators, like Andrew McCarthy, have criticized the notion of pressuring Kagan to retire, as she is seen as a highly skilled and valuable member of the Supreme Court. This move by liberals seems to indicate a lack of confidence in Biden’s chances of winning the election.

It appears that as the election draws closer, some Democrats are becoming more anxious about the outcome. While Biden still has a chance to win, there seems to be a sense of panic among liberals. This highlights the uncertainty and nervousness surrounding the upcoming election.

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