Maine Judge Delays Trump Ballot Decision: Legal Circus Begins!

In a surprising turn of events, Maine Judge Michaela Murphy has decided to delay a decision on whether or not former President Donald Trump should be on the Maine primary ballot. This decision comes as a result of the judge wanting to wait for the Supreme Court to rule on a similar case in Colorado. Oh boy, here we go with the legal battles again!

Now, Trump’s lawyers went ahead and appealed in state court when Secretary of State Shenna Bellows removed him from the ballot. But then they had the audacity to ask the judge to pause proceedings. Can you believe it? They want to wait for the Supreme Court to make a decision in Colorado that might render this whole lawsuit moot. I mean, come on, can’t they just accept the fact that people don’t want Trump on the ballot?

Judge Murphy did make it clear that she doesn’t have the authority to stop the proceedings. But she did say that she could send the case back to the secretary of state and tell her to hold off on making any decisions until the Supreme Court has spoken. I guess that’s something, but it’s just prolonging the inevitable. We all know Trump shouldn’t be on that ballot.

In her decision, Judge Murphy explained that the issues in the Maine case are pretty much the same as the ones in Colorado. They’re all about this fancy “insurrection” clause in the 14th Amendment and whether or not Trump played a role in the January 6th protests. Look, I know Trump loves attention, but this is getting out of hand. Get over yourself, dude!

Now, let’s get something straight. Trump has not been indicted or convicted of insurrection. So why should we even be considering removing him from the ballot? It’s a clear violation of due process and the presumption of innocence. Everyone knows that! How can we judge someone ineligible without any charges against them? The Secretary of State and state court can’t just make baseless assertions and expect us to go along with it.

For now, Trump will remain on the Maine primary ballot. He also managed to secure a spot on the Colorado ballot. But if the Supreme Court decides to change their minds, then Shenna Bellows will have to let the local election officials know that votes for Trump won’t be counted. It’s a shame, really. Trump might lose those four precious electoral votes from Maine. We’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, Trump won the Iowa caucuses on Monday. But of course, the legacy media is always quick to criticize. They just can’t handle the fact that Trump is still popular among conservatives. Sorry mainstream media, but you can’t keep a good man down!


Written by Staff Reports

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