Maine School Sued for Secret Gender Transition: Parents Fighting Back!

In a shocking revelation that sends shivers down the spine of every parent who wants to keep their kids safe from liberal activism, a mom is suing a Maine school district for keeping her daughter’s gender transition a secret and providing her with multiple chest binders. Amber Lavigne, the brave mother, claims that a social worker at Great Salt Bay Community School gave her daughter two chest binders to aid in a so-called ‘gender transition,’ advising the 13-year-old girl to keep it a secret from her mother. Fortunately, Lavigne, who has a heart bigger than liberals would like anyone to believe, filed a lawsuit against Great Salt Bay Community School and Samuel Roy, the social worker, on behalf of her daughter.

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. Parents all over the country are facing similar situations where activist educators are putting their children’s lives on the line by forcing corrosive ideologies upon them. According to the Goldwater Institute, who are representing Lavigne, this is a deliberate attempt to undermine the constitutionally-protected parental rights of the parents.

Lavigne told the press that she had every right to know what was happening to her child, and the secrecy needs to stop. However, instead of listening to her concerns, the school officials allegedly began to address her daughter by male pronouns and a different name without even informing her. When Lavigne brought up her concerns about the chest binder, they allegedly denied that the school was secretly helping her daughter’s gender transition and did not give her any paperwork regarding the child’s gender change.

If that was not enough, the school board at Great Salt Bay Community School defended the social worker’s controversial actions, even though they knew that they were trampling on Lavigne’s constitutional rights. But, Lavigne is standing up against these activist educators, and she is not alone.

Parents all over the country are ready to fight for their rights and their child’s safety. Adam Shelton, Goldwater Institute Staff Attorney, said that activist educators who think they know best are putting themselves between parents and children. Thankfully, parents like Amber are standing up for their constitutionally-protected parental rights. Parents shouldn’t have to go to court just to find out what’s happening to their children in public schools, but Amber’s lawsuit shows parents aren’t afraid to fight back.

It’s clear that the Great Salt Bay Community School, like so many other liberal institutions, are determined to undermine the values of conservative families by forcing their children into gender transitions or other dangerous practices—and all behind their backs. It sounds like a horror movie, but it’s the sad reality of a country where liberals are willing to do anything to force individuals to comply with their values. All parents must stand up and fight against this vicious attack on their rights and values.

Written by Staff Reports

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