Mainstream Media Cheers for Biden, Launch Dramatic Smear Campaign Against Trump!

The mainstream media and their love affair with Joe Biden is no secret, and it’s becoming clearer than ever. They are rallying behind their chosen one, Joe Biden, with the fervor usually reserved for sports fans during the Superbowl. This spectacle is less about Biden’s appeal and more about their disdain for Donald Trump.

The media’s obsession with Trump is nearing soap opera levels of drama. They will inflate even the most mundane stories into epic sagas just to portray him in a negative light. Meanwhile, Biden can’t seem to find a teleprompter he can read without fumbling, but they’ll still paint him as the second coming of Ronald Reagan.

The narrative couldn’t be more transparent. The talking heads on cable news channels are practically tripping over themselves to give Biden airtime, portraying him as the grand savior who will rescue America from the dystopian nightmare they’ve crafted in their anti-Trump fairy tales. What they fail to mention is that in an open field competition, devoid of media bias, Biden wouldn’t even make it past the starting gate.

One must wonder if the media and Hollywood have teamed up to produce a special effects extravaganza. They need a blockbuster to revive their sagging ratings, and Biden is their CGI hero. The media scriptwriters skillfully gloss over his gaffes while creating fictional catastrophes around every corner Trump turns.

Fortunately, the American public isn’t as gullible as the media likes to think. The attempts to brainwash the masses might work on a small segment of the population, but the majority can see through the puff pieces and overblown criticisms. Voters will have the chance to choose not based on the hyperbolic narratives spun by media moguls, but on reality. And reality has a way of breaking through even the tallest of fabricated skyscrapers.

Written by Staff Reports

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