Mainstream Media Faces Backlash for False Hunter Biden Laptop Narrative

Lesley Stahl from CBS News owes President Trump an apology for falsely claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop could not be verified. She is not the only one who pushed this narrative. Many in the press also spread the lie about Russian disinformation to sway the election. Now, FBI agent Erika Jensen has confirmed during Hunter’s trial that there is no evidence the laptop was tampered with, exposing the falsehoods perpetuated by the media.

The New York Post, which initially broke the story about the laptop, had its social media accounts suspended, and other journalists and officials actively dismissed the laptop as real. Despite this, the truth has now been revealed, with Emma-Jo Morris verifying its contents and the FBI confirming its authenticity during the Hunter Biden gun trial. However, the mainstream media took months to acknowledge the truth and agree with The New York Post.

CBS News could have easily verified the laptop before the interview with Trump, as journalist Peter Schweizer has pointed out. Sen. Ted Cruz has called out the lack of integrity in journalism, particularly referencing Stahl’s failure to apologize for her false claims during the interview. 


The media’s refusal to apologize for perpetuating lies and misinformation, such as the Russian collusion hoax, has eroded their credibility. Despite Hunter Biden’s trial and the exposure of the truth about the laptop, the mainstream media continues to avoid taking responsibility for their false reporting.

The trial of Hunter Biden itself only came to light due to IRS whistleblowers Joseph Ziegler and Gary Shapley, who revealed a potential sweetheart deal that the Biden Justice Department was crafting. The Department of Justice is prosecuting Hunter Biden not out of respect for the rule of law, but because the optics became too damaging. This trial wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the whistleblowers coming forward.

Written by Staff Reports

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