Mainstream Media Runs Cover for Biden While Nation Questions His Mental Fitness

The mainstream media is at it again, playing cover-up for their favorite puppet, Joe Biden. Miranda Devine’s column has sparked a lively discussion among New York Post readers about the President’s cognitive antics, and it’s about time someone pulled back the curtain on this circus. It’s no secret to those paying attention that Biden’s mental agility seems to be reminiscent of a dial-up modem from the 90s—slow, unpredictable, and often not connecting at all.

Readers of Devine’s column are rightly outraged at how the liberal media insists on sugarcoating Biden’s frequent gaffes, stumbles, and moments of evident confusion. Instead of reporting the obvious, the mainstream outlets have perfected the art of distraction, like a magician making a rabbit disappear, hoping the audience won’t notice that Grandpa Joe is on stage clueless as to where he is or what he’s supposed to say.

It’s comical, really, how much effort the left-wing media pours into making Biden appear fit for office. The lengths to which they go to ignore his frequent mental hiccups are staggering. This from the same folks who scrutinized every word, stumble, and breath of President Trump. The double standard is glaringly obvious, not just in what gets reported, but in what gets buried faster than Hunter’s laptop.

Post readers are venting their frustration over this media bias, and can anyone blame them? Watching the President of what is supposed to be the most powerful nation on earth wander off-script like a toddler in a toy store isn’t just embarrassing; it’s dangerous. Yet, what’s even more dangerous is a media unwilling to acknowledge there’s a problem, hoping the American public is too distracted by TikTok challenges to notice.

In the end, it’s not just about protecting Biden; it’s about protecting the narrative. Admit he’s in cognitive decline and suddenly, the whole house of cards starts to wobble. Fortunately, conservative voices are louder and clearer than ever, making sure the public hears the truth, even if the mainstream media would prefer they didn’t. This discussion around Devine’s column is just the beginning, and it seems the public’s appetite for the uncensored truth is only growing.

Written by Staff Reports

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