MAJOR Endorsement For Trump 2024 As He RIPS Popular Never-Trumper

Donald Trump has been very hostile toward the RINOs in Washington DC. For years now, he has been battling these groups. One of these neo-con swamp monsters got a taste of Trump's terror.

When Donald Trump announced his intention to run for president in 2024, he made it clear to all RINOs that they should stay away from him or risk getting the horns. He did this by labeling

Karl Rove a "neocon swamp monster." It was apparent that the former political operative learned the hard way that being in the top political position does not protect you from a brutal beating.

If other political elites feel that they are getting too comfortable in the DC swamp, don't mess with Donald Trump.

Trump noted that despite his poor record, Karl Rove continues to speak on Fox News and the Wall Street Journal. He called him a "neocon swamp monster." Karl Rove, who lost to me in 2016, is a political operative with a losing record who continues to speak on Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, and he doesn't have a clue what's going on in the world. People are disgusted by him, and he is a clone of Paul Ryan, who is now running Fox News on a very bad path.

According to Pro Trump News, Karl has a history of supporting RINOs, such as Adam Kinzinger, over strong conservatives. He also hosted a fundraiser for Adam Kinzinger, and a SuperPAC he is affiliated with released an ad supporting a Democrat candidate for governor, Josh Shapiro.

While Trump is taking shots at RINOs he just picked up a major endorsement for his 2024 campaign. The Veterans For America First, a conservative group, announced that it is supporting Trump for president in 2024.

The group released a statement about its support for Trump. It stated that he is the greatest president in history. He has been very supportive of the military and veterans. When Trump got rid of Karl, who was a neocon swamp monster, he sent a clear message to all RINOs. He said that he wouldn't mess with him, and he noted that other political elites would also take notice.

While Trump was putting political rivals on blast, he was able to secure an endorsement from Veterans For America First. This type of endorsement shows that political power players have learned not to mess with the Don. If you are starting to feel comfortable with the Republican establishment, be warned: Don't mess with Trump.

Earlier this month, former President Donald Trump announced that he will run for the GOP presidential nomination 

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