Man Ignites Own Home in Fiery Property Rights Standoff

An elderly gentleman in Oklahoma made a fiery statement about personal property rights in a rather heated way! Anthony Goulding, an 82-year-old man, decided to light up his life and his house in flames rather than go quietly after an eviction notice was served to him. Looks like this guy took “burning down the house” a tad too literally!

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office had to deal with some fiery shenanigans as police body camera footage caught Mr. Goulding red-handed, holding a gas canister and pouring its contents all over the floor like he’s Jackson Pollock on a modern art spree. He then proceeded to play with matches, turning the floor into a dance floor of fire, much to the deputies’ dismay. It seemed like Goulding’s retirement plan involved some spontaneous combustion!

Sheriff Tommie Johnson III shared the blazing news on Facebook that Goulding literally went down in flames along with the unfortunate doggie. It’s a tragic tale, with the man’s fiery defiance leaving behind a scorched earth policy. This is a textbook example of what happens when you mix stubbornness with flammable liquids – a recipe for disaster!

Thankfully, Goulding’s wife, who grapples with Parkinson’s disease, was safely rescued from the burning building. Kudos to law enforcement for whisking her away from the hot mess before it turned into a full-blown inferno. Looks like Goulding’s fiery farewell didn’t go exactly as planned, but it sure made a blazing statement about standing your ground, even if it means going down in flames.

The deputies involved in this fiery fiasco managed to escape with minor burns and a major story to tell. Maybe next time, Mr. Goulding could try a less combustible approach to dealing with eviction notices. Remember folks, playing with fire might make a statement, but it’s definitely not the conservative way to handle disputes over property rights!

Written by Staff Reports

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