Mark Levin Decimates Smith’s Shaky Trump Indictment Claims!

On Fox News, Mark Levin, a conservative talk show host, criticized the latest indictment of Donald Trump. He claimed that it was full of inaccuracies and did not contain sufficient evidence to support seditious or insurrectionary conspiracy charges.

During his program, Levin criticized Mike Pence, who was the former vice president. He called him a weasel who tried to avoid testifying in the case. The host then claimed that Pence had become a drama queen, as he claimed to have saved the country from a constitutional crisis during his time in office.

Levin argued that the charges against the president put a dangerous precedent on future elections. He asked what the rules are for challenging and running elections, and he questioned the freedom of speech of a president to publicly dispute the results of an election.

In his program, Levin criticized Jack Smith, the lawyer who is currently overseeing the investigation against Trump. He claimed that he destroyed the electoral process and that nobody is following the rules anymore. He also noted that the Biden administration has approved multiple investigations related to Trump, such as the January 6 incident and the mishandling of classified information.

Despite the various legal issues that the president has faced, his support among Republican primary voters continues to grow. His former rivals for the White House have also come to his defense. The arraignment of Trump on Thursday is expected to boost his support within the party, as it will be his first appearance in court since the investigations began.

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