Maxine Waters Cries “I’m Not A Socialist!” In Committee Hearing

Democratic Representative Maxine Waters of California was put in the spotlight on Tuesday during a House Rules Committee hearing. The hearing was to discuss H. Con. Res. 9, a resolution introduced by Republican Representative Maria Elvira Salazar of Florida that denounces socialism. Republican Representative Chip Roy of Texas brought up comments that Waters had made fifteen years ago, threatening a government takeover of oil companies.

Roy asked Waters if she still stood by her statement from 2008, to which she responded that she was not a socialist. Salazar and Scalise, a Republican Representative from Louisiana and the House Majority Leader, presented a resolution to highlight the negative effects of socialism, including famine and human rights violations. If approved, the joint resolution by both the House of Representatives and Senate would officially declare Congress’ opposition to socialism.

Waters’ remarks were made during a 2008 congressional hearing when oil prices reached $140 a barrel and gas was priced above $4.00 per gallon. Roy asked if she renounced her previous statement about having the government take control of oil companies and she once again confirmed that she is not a socialist.

The hearing was an important one for many reasons. It brought attention to the failures caused by socialism and put Congress on record as opposing it. It also brought attention to Waters’ comments from fifteen years ago and allowed her to clarify her stance on the issue.

The hearing was an important step in the fight against socialism and in the clarification of Waters’ stance on the issue. It is important for Congress to be on record as opposing socialism and for citizens to understand where their representatives stand on the issue. It is also important for representatives to be able to clarify any statements they have made in the past in order to ensure that their constituents understand their views.

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