Mccarthy Breaks With Trump on Call for Protests Over Possible Arrest

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of California broke with Donald Trump on Sunday after the former president called for protests against his possible arrest.

During a press conference at a Republican retreat in Florida, McCarthy was asked about the former president' call for peaceful protests. He then predicted that the Manhattan District Attorney's office would issue an indictment against the former president.

According to McCarthy, people should refrain from protesting. He also stated that Trump does not believe in the idea of peaceful demonstrations.

He added that everyone should refrain from hurting each other.

On Saturday, Trump posted on his social media platform that he would be arrested by the New York District Attorney's Office on Monday for violating the law regarding the payment of hush money to porn star Stormy Clifford.

In 2019, Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen revealed to Congress that he made a secret payment of $139,000 to Daniels, who is also known as Stormy Clifford, to keep her from going public with her story about an affair with Trump that she says she had with him. Cohen, who pleaded guilty, noted that Trump reimbursed him for the monthly installments.

It is not clear what charges the office of Bragg will bring against Trump. In the case of Cohen, prosecutors noted that Trump Organization had misstated the amount of money that it was spending on legal expenses. Falsifying records in New York is a misdemeanor, and it can be upgraded to a felony if the prosecutors can prove that the president committed a crime.

In his post, Trump encouraged his supporters to take back the country.

In response to Trump's post, Bragg sent an email to all of the employees of the office, saying that the office does not tolerate threats or attempts to intimidate it. The staff members were told that the law enforcers would thoroughly investigate any credible threats.

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