McCarthy’s Bold Move: Eyeing Biden Impeachment Inquiry as Next Sensation”

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy will be presenting the idea of an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, stating that it is the “logical next step” in the investigation of the Biden family. The meeting to discuss this matter will be held during a closed-door leadership session on Thursday, where Republican lawmakers will receive an update on the ongoing probe. McCarthy will highlight the progress made by House Oversight Committee Chair Jamie Comer and House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan, emphasizing the need for a formal impeachment inquiry to obtain the Bidens’ bank records and other key documents.

However, it remains uncertain whether McCarthy will be able to secure the necessary support from 218 House Republicans to authorize an impeachment inquiry. Some moderate Republicans, including Representatives Ken Buck and Don Bacon, have expressed their skepticism about the need for such an inquiry. Buck has pointed out that there is currently no evidence linking President Biden to any high crimes or misdemeanors. Similarly, Bacon believes an inquiry should be based on direct evidence of a crime committed by President Biden or non-compliance by him in providing essential documents.

Despite some resistance, a majority of GOP members appear to support an impeachment inquiry. Representative Nancy Mace emphasized the importance of gathering more evidence through the inquiry and making it available to the American people, regardless of whether it supports their side or not.

The allegations against President Biden include suspicious activity reports of wire transfers, texts, emails, WhatsApp messages, photos, voicemails, testimonies from individuals referring to him as the “big guy,” whistleblower accounts, an FBI form alleging recorded phone calls and texts with a Burisma executive, allegations of bribes, a video of Biden bragging about firing a Ukrainian prosecutor, Hunter Biden’s statements about giving half of his income to his father, a former White House Aide claiming FBI negligence regarding Biden’s Ukraine business dealings, millions flowing into the Biden family’s bank accounts, and evidence of Hunter paying for his father’s expenses.

Recent polling by CNN reveals that 61 percent of Americans believe Biden was involved in his family’s business deals with China and Ukraine, while only 38 percent believe he was not involved, and a mere one percent believe he was involved but did nothing wrong.

In the midst of these serious accusations and the public’s overwhelming belief in Biden’s involvement, it is only fair for an impeachment inquiry to take place. The American people deserve to know the truth, and it is the duty of their representatives to ensure accountability from the highest office in the land. It’s time to investigate these allegations thoroughly and get to the bottom of the Biden family’s activities.

Written by Staff Reports

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