McCarthy’s Underhand Ukraine Deal with Dems, Exposed by Gaetz!

In a spicy Twitter feud, Rep. Matt Gaetz has accused House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of making a shady “Ukraine deal with Democrats.” Gaetz claims that McCarthy snuck in this deal after passing the 45-day continuing resolution, which, shockingly, did not include funding for Ukraine. Talk about a sneaky move!

Gaetz’s accusations stem from a joint statement made by House Democratic leadership, where they expressed their expectation for McCarthy to bring a bill supporting Ukraine to a vote on the House floor. While Gaetz seems convinced that McCarthy will follow through, not all Republicans share his confidence. Sen. J.D. Vance, a prominent critic of Ukraine funding, doubts that McCarthy will make moves to fund Ukraine.

Vance boldly stated, “I don’t think there is enough interest over there to actually make this happen from the House Republican side.” Ouch! It seems like Vance is calling out his own party for not being gung-ho about supporting Ukraine. But hey, at least he’s being honest about it.

Despite Gaetz and 90 other House Republicans voting against the continuing resolution, it overwhelmingly passed with a vote of 335-91. The Senate also passed the stopgap measure without Ukraine funding, with a vote of 88-9. However, Senate leaders have promised that a bill on Ukraine funding will be on the horizon in the coming weeks.

To add fuel to the fire, President Joe Biden chimed in and expressed his expectation that McCarthy will deliver on Ukraine funding. Biden emphasized the importance of continuing support for Ukraine and urged McCarthy to secure passage of the funding. It seems like everyone is watching McCarthy closely, waiting to see if he’ll step up to the plate.

It’s clear that Gaetz and fellow conservatives are not happy about the lack of funding for Ukraine. They believe it’s a critical moment, and American support should not be interrupted. After all, Ukraine is dealing with a lot, and they could use some financial support. It will be interesting to see if McCarthy lives up to the expectations placed upon him. Gaetz and his allies will be watching closely, holding their breath until McCarthy takes action in support of Ukraine.

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