Media Rebels Against Biden Spin on Classified Docs Fumble

The White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) is slamming Biden’s West Wing aides for a “totally inappropriate” use of communication channels after Special Counsel Robert Hur’s final report on the president’s handling of classified documents. The press corps, responsible for covering the shenanigans at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, has thrown serious shade at the Biden White House. In an email from WHCA President Kelly O’Donnell, the NBC News Senior White House Correspondent called a letter sent to White House reporters by Counsel Office spokesman Ian Sams “way off base.”

Sams’s attempt to persuade reporters to spin their coverage of Hur’s report, which exposed Biden’s major memory issues, fell flat. The report highlighted Biden’s struggle to remember events during his vice presidency and even when his son Beau passed away. The WHCA President made it crystal clear that the association will not serve as a mouthpiece for the government’s version of the news. O’Donnell emphasized that the White House should directly contact reporters and editors concerning their editorial decisions, instead of using internal communication channels for critiques.

The White House’s push to flip the script on Biden’s memory issues didn’t gain traction. A whopping 86 percent of Americans, including 73 percent of Democrats, think Biden is too old to be president, according to an ABC News/Ipsos poll. The Biden administration’s futile attempt to scold reporters into disregarding the special counsel’s findings, especially about Biden’s cognitive decline, backfired. Even after Biden’s heated speech defending his mental fitness, where he mixed up the presidents of Mexico and Egypt, the White House’s ploy to deflect attention from the president’s obvious decline failed miserably.

It’s evident that the White House’s efforts to persuade the press corps to turn a blind eye to Biden’s cognitive issues flopped. The media, which has been overwhelmingly accommodating to the Biden administration, wasn’t buying it. The attempt to paint a glamorous picture of Biden while ignoring his apparent decline was a bust.

Written by Staff Reports

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