Media Turns on Biden After Debate Performance Sparks New Tensions

President Joe Biden’s debate performance has stirred up quite the commotion between the establishment media and the White House press team. The media, often accused by Republicans of protecting Biden, seemed to switch sides after the debate revealed Biden’s struggles. Axios’s Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen, prominent voices in the establishment media, highlighted how Biden’s performance confirmed suspicions of his decline that many reporters had previously overlooked.

The tension between the media and the White House escalated when White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to address reports of a Parkinson’s expert visiting the White House multiple times. Her response struck many as evasive, with some reporters feeling unsatisfied by her refusal to provide more information. Instead of clarifying the situation, Jean-Pierre raised concerns about security and privacy.

This incident left journalists yearning for the days of Jen Psaki, the former press secretary known for her adept handling of sensitive inquiries. Despite pushback from the White House defending Jean-Pierre’s performance, doubts lingered among the press corps.

The rift between the White House communication team and the media is not new. Reports suggest a strained relationship between White House staffers and The New York Times, with accusations of biased treatment and claims that the paper doubts Biden’s fitness for office. The White House’s decision to withhold interviews from The Times has only added fuel to the fire.

In the aftermath of the debate, leaks against President Biden have surfaced in The New York Times, leading to further discord between the administration and the media outlet. The White House disputes the claims, setting the stage for continued clashes between the press and the presidential team.

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