Megyn Kelly Hits Back at Michelle Obama: Distrust for Americans Exposed!

In a recent interview, Megyn Kelly shut down any speculation about Michelle Obama running for president. Kelly boldly stated that the Former First Lady has “no faith” in the American people and would likely face backlash if she ever decided to pursue a political career. As rumors about Obama’s presidential aspirations continue to gain traction, Democrats are viewing her as a potential “savior.” However, Kelly predicts that Obama’s involvement in politics would actually increase Republican turnout because of her apparent disdain for America.

Kelly pointed out Obama’s infamous comment from her husband’s 2008 campaign, where she expressed being “proud” of America for the first time. This comment, along with other polarizing remarks about race, has contributed to a perception that Obama holds negative views of the country she once represented as First Lady. Even after leaving the White House, Obama has made disparaging remarks about Americans. She claimed that she straightened her hair during her time in the White House because the American people weren’t “ready” for a First Lady with African features. Kelly responded with incredulity, highlighting the irony that Americans supported the Obamas and propelled them to wealth and fame.

Despite her immense popularity, Obama has maintained that she has no interest in politics. Instead, she has chosen to embrace a life of leisure as a beloved celebrity and media personality. However, Kelly suggested that even if Michelle Obama doesn’t run for office, the Obamas may still have a significant influence in a potential second Biden administration. Speculation has arisen about the Obamas potentially running the government behind the scenes and controlling Biden’s decision-making. Kelly questioned whether Biden is truly the one making the calls, given the presence of Obama veterans in key positions within the Biden administration.

The topic of the Obamas and their role in shaping a divided nation has gained renewed interest, particularly after a recent interview with biographer David Garrow. The interview mentioned President Obama’s decision to stay in Washington D.C. after leaving office and rumors of Biden officials regularly meeting at the Obama residence. While Kelly’s comments seemed to strike a nerve at the White House, prompting a snarky response questioning her identity, they shed light on a broader concern about the extent of the Obamas’ influence in the current political landscape.

Written by Staff Reports

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