Migrant Crime Surge Shakes Sanctuary Cities: Biden Admin’s Unforeseen Fallout!

The Biden administration’s lax immigration policies are resulting in a crime wave in sanctuary cities across the country. Migrants who are released after illegally crossing the border are committing a series of crimes in these cities, placing a burden on local law enforcement. Oak Brook, a suburb of Chicago, has seen an alarming increase in crime since the Biden administration began releasing migrants into the area. The police chief of Oak Brook reported six felony arrests in a single day and a total of 49 migrant arrests since October 23. This is clearly a significant problem that needs to be addressed.

In one incident, migrants from Chile and Venezuela were involved in the theft of over $10,000 worth of merchandise from a Macy’s store in Oak Brook. These crimes are not isolated incidents, as there have been at least 175 migrant arrests in Oak Brook in the past year, mostly for property crimes. The situation is even worse in Chicago, where there has been an 11,000 percent increase in the arrest of Venezuelan migrants since the border crisis began. This surge in criminal activity is unacceptable and shows the consequences of the Biden administration’s failure to secure the border.

The crime wave is not limited to the Chicago area. In New York City, migrants have been turning to pickpocketing, causing major problems for the NYPD. Furthermore, a video was released showing a group of migrants attacking two NYPD officers in Times Square. This level of violence and lawlessness is outrageous and Mayor Adams needs to take immediate action to stop it. The city cannot continue to ignore federal detainer and deportation requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Migrants who commit crimes should be deported immediately and should not be allowed to stay in the country.

It is clear that the Biden administration’s immigration policies are failing to protect American citizens and are causing significant public safety concerns. The surge in migrant crime in sanctuary cities is a direct result of these failed policies. It is time for Republicans, Democrats, and Independents to come together and demand stronger border security measures to keep our communities safe. The safety and well-being of American citizens should always be the top priority, and it is clear that the Biden administration is not prioritizing our safety.

Written by Staff Reports

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