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Mike Lindell Closing in on Exposing 2020 Voting Fraud?

Mike Lindell Closing in on Exposing 2020 Voting Fraud?

Think again if you thought the alleged election fraud controversy connected to the 2020 presidential election was over and done with once the ink had dried and the door had been closed.

It’s possible that this is only the beginning in many different ways.

Late in the week prior, a federal judge in Arizona listened to arguments on the dependability of computerized voting equipment and the possibility of their being corrupted.
The hearing was held as part of a lawsuit that was brought forward by Kari Lake, a Republican who is making strong headway in her campaign for governor in the state, and Mark Finchem, a Republican who is running for secretary of state.
These two individuals have filed a lawsuit against the Secretary of State’s office in Arizona, claiming that voting machines cannot be relied upon.

Mike Lindell, an entrepreneur and entertainer, joined RSBN’s Brian Glenn to talk about the topic on Thursday when the hearings were taking place.

Since various irregularities in relation to the election results came to light, Lindell, the iconoclastic CEO of My Pillow, has been on a very public campaign to discover the truth about what happened.

RSBN is one of the few media sources that has given its hosts the opportunity to express unfiltered support and advocacy for President Trump as well as independent, non-mainstream ideas regarding the results of the 2020 election.

Lindell has been an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump and believes that fostering elections that are clean, accurate, and irrefutable should be a non-partisan concern.

This weekend, the complete and in-depth conversation that took place between Lindell and Glenn was made available for viewing on

Lindell stated that the primary idea driving his action in support of President Trump was actually brought up during the debates that took place the previous week.

During the RSBN broadcast that aired on Friday evening, just prior to President Trump’s speech at the rally in Prescott, Arizona, Lindell predicted that the improbable victory of Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election would turn out to be a blessing in disguise in the long run.
He told Glenn and his co-host Christina Bobb that the only reason people in the United States are now able to see the actual, untrustworthy underbelly of computerized voting is because of that conclusion and the multiplicity of contradictions it brought forth.

In point of fact, a survey conducted by Rasmussen at the tail end of 2018 revealed that an astounding 56% of respondents believe that dishonesty played a role in Joe Biden’s triumph over Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

During Lindell and Lake’s dinner together on Thursday evening, one can reasonably assume that the two discussed the measures that they might take to ensure the legitimacy of future elections in the event that Lake becomes the nominee for governor of the state and wins the election for that position in November.

It’s possible that millions of people in the United States who agree with Lindell’s viewpoints believe that a contemporary group of leaders, activists, legislators, and media voices will also play an important role.

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