Montana Bans Drag Queen Storytime, Protects Kids’ Innocence

Montana recently made history by passing a new law that prohibits people dressed in drag from reading stories to children at public schools and libraries. The law, intended to address the highly inappropriate “Drag Queen Story Hour,” is a measure that aims to protect young and impressionable kids from sexual content that could damage their innocence. While similar bills have been introduced in Florida and Tennessee to curb drag queen story hours, they include a sexual element and have faced legal challenges. Unlike the bills from the other states, Montana’s law does not require a “sexual element” to be considered illegal.

State Rep. Braxton Mitchell, who drafted the legislation, argued that there is just no such thing as a family-friendly drag show. In his opinion, drag shows today are specifically targeted at children. The conservative representative added that laws like this one were necessary to safeguard children’s moral innocence, particularly in the face of such deviant practices.

GOP Gov. Greg Gianforte, who was all too happy to sign the bill into law, emphasized that it is wildly inappropriate for young children to be exposed to sexually explicit content. As a leading conservative voice in the state, he believes that parents should be given the right to protect their children from harmful practices such as the drag queen story hours.

One month before the bill’s passing, Braxton underscored the importance of letting kids be kids and demanded to know why people would want to dress half-naked and read books to children. More importantly, his question remains unanswered.

Interestingly, as Montana takes steps to protect impressionable minds, the Los Angeles Dodgers recently re-invited a group of overtly anti-Catholic drag queens, known as the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” after they were previously disinvited from their LGBTQ+ Pride Night. Some of the offensive stage names included “Porn Again” and “Anal Receptive a.k.a. Cardinal Sin of the Carnal Craving.” The group, which announced on their website that it would accept the “Community Hero Award,” met with LA Dodgers CEO Stan Kasten, leading LGBTQ+ collectives, and members of government to discuss the matter.

The move in Los Angeles only solidifies the need for laws like those being passed in Montana. As conservatives continue to staunchly protect the moral fabric of society, it’s important that parents and all people of faith do their part to protect the innocence of children. The drag queen story hours may have once been considered harmless entertainment, but as even the Los Angeles Dodgers show us, they pose a real and concrete threat to the moral development of young kids.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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