Montana Senator Tester Hesitates on Biden Endorsement Amid Election Struggles

Senator Jon Tester of Montana, the Democratic Party’s most endangered species in the upcoming November elections, has hinted he might just be throwing his own president under the bus. Yes, Mr. Tester has subtly indicated that he might not endorse President Biden for another term unless Biden can somehow convince Americans he’s still got what it takes to run the country. Good luck with that, Joe.

Tester, always the fence-sitter, didn’t ask Biden to step aside. But give him time. He’ll get there. Tester pointed out that Biden needs to show he can handle another term. Considering his track record over the last few years, One must wonder if anyone really believes Biden’s up for the job.

In his statement to TV station KURL-8, Tester puffed up his chest and claimed he would continue to stand up to Biden’s wrongheaded policies and protect the “Montana way of life.” Bold words for a man whose party’s policies often fly in the face of said way of life. Maybe someone should remind Tester that actions speak louder than press releases.

Notably, Tester’s public doubt about Biden marks the furthest leap any Senate Democrat has taken toward admitting what most Americans already know – Biden is just not fit for another round in the Oval Office. 
Not that Tester has much of a choice; he’s facing the political battle of a lifetime against Republican businessman and former Navy SEAL Tim Sheehy. With Sheehy either leading or tying Tester in recent polls, Tester might be one more failed Biden policy away from a swift end to his career.

Tester isn’t alone in his uneasy stance. Several Senate Democrats have raised eyebrows over Biden’s lackluster performance, especially after his poor showing in a June debate against former President Trump. While none have had the courage to call for Biden to step aside directly, whispers in private conversations suggest many are hoping someone else will take the reins.

In what could be termed a mutiny in the making, five House Democrats have already asked Biden to step down, while others are expressing their fears behind closed doors. Even some senior Democrats, during a private leadership call, hinted that their best bet is for Biden to make the gracious exit stage left. The question now is, will Biden listen before it’s too late? The Democrats might want to start updating their resumes.

Written by Staff Reports

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