Murray Mops Floor with Clueless Liberal Reporter on Israel!

Alright, folks, gather around for another classic case of liberal media getting schooled by a conservative who knows what’s what. You’ve got this South African reporter, Jane Dutton, trying to take on New York Post columnist Douglas Murray about the Israel-Hamas War. But let’s just say it didn’t go too well for her. She’s spewing out all the typical anti-Israel propaganda, making excuses for terrorists, and just generally not having the foggiest idea what she’s talking about.

First off, Dutton has the audacity to blame Israel’s “illegal settlements” for sparking the war. Murray’s not having any of that nonsense. He sets her straight, reminding her that Hamas has been crystal clear about their goal: they want to wipe out Israel. No mincing words here, folks. It’s straight-up terrorist aggression, plain and simple.

And get this—Dutton has the gall to claim that Hamas is suddenly touting a two-state solution for peaceful coexistence. Seriously? Who does she think she’s fooling? We all know that’s about as believable as a unicorn riding a rainbow. I mean, come on, she used to work for Al Jazeera English, so you already know where her sympathies lie.

But wait, there’s more. Dutton starts spewing the baseless accusations of genocide in Gaza, as if she’s been living under a rock. Murray sets her straight, reminding her that war is messy, and it’s Hamas’s fault for attacking Israel in the first place.

Then, Dutton has the nerve to claim that Gaza is under Israeli occupation. Wrong again! Gaza hasn’t been occupied since 2005, and she conveniently ignores that it actually shares a border with Egypt. But oh no, she’s too busy pushing her anti-Israel narrative to bother with pesky things like facts.

Hats off to Mr. Murray for not letting Dutton’s misguided talking points slide. It’s moments like these that remind us just how misinformed the left can be. But hey, at least we can always count on conservatives to set the record straight.

Written by Staff Reports

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