Must-See: Don Jr.’s Riotous Mockery of Reid’s Affirmative Action Tantrum

In a hilarious turn of events, Donald Trump Jr., son of the legendary former President Donald Trump, had the crowd at the Turning Point Action conference in fits of laughter with his spot-on impression of MSNBC host Joy Reid. Trump Jr. regaled attendees with his account of watching Reid on air for the first time in a long while, and couldn’t help but poke fun at her controversial comments on affirmative action. His impression had the audience thoroughly entertained and left them roaring with laughter.

“Oh my goodness, you guys, you have to see this! Joy Reid on MSNBC, I have to say, it was a riot! It’s been so long since I watched her, but boy was it worth it,” Trump Jr. exclaimed, setting the stage for his comedic rendition of Reid’s confession. He had everyone in stitches as he mocked her words, “I went to Harvard and I would have never gotten in if it wasn’t for affirmative action. Like, seriously, can you believe it? I mean, I wasn’t exactly the brightest crayon in the box, but affirmative action saved me!”

With the crowd still roaring with laughter, Don Jr. raised a thought-provoking question, “But seriously, folks, don’t you think she took someone’s spot who actually deserved to be there? I mean, come on! I’m half-expecting Ashton Kutcher to burst out of a giant cake and tell me it’s all a prank because she’s making my argument for me!” He couldn’t believe that Reid seemed blissfully unaware of the irony of her own words, remarking, “It’s so nice when they inadvertently prove my point without even realizing it!”

As expected, Don Jr.’s impression and commentary had quite the reaction. Supporters of Reid and her sentiments on affirmative action were not too pleased, claiming he was belittling an important policy that aims to level the playing field. However, conservatives praised Trump Jr. for his humor and for shining a light on what they believe is a flawed system. They saw his impression as a clever way to expose the inconsistencies in Reid’s argument and draw attention to the debate surrounding affirmative action.

All in all, Trump Jr.’s impression of Joy Reid was a hit at the Turning Point Action conference, providing a much-needed moment of levity and sparking a lively discussion on affirmative action. Whether you agree or disagree with his take, there’s no denying that he knows how to make a crowd laugh and get people talking. Watch out stand-up comedians, Donald Trump Jr. might just give you a run for your money!

Written by Staff Reports

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