Must-See: Hunter Biden Docking Naughty Nightcap as Business Write-Off!

Concerns have arisen within banking and law enforcement circles regarding Hunter Biden's alleged efforts to classify payments to suspected prostitutes as legitimate business expenses. Recently unveiled documents indicate that these payments involved substantial sums of money and potentially the interstate transportation of women for prostitution purposes, which is a criminal offense.

Initially, IRS whistleblowers brought forth these allegations of unlawful tax deductions tied to prostitution during their testimony before Congress. They contended that two U.S. attorneys appointed by President Joe Biden chose not to pursue charges against Hunter Biden, despite compelling evidence showing that he had incorrectly categorized these payments as business expenditures. The newly disclosed documents offer additional insight into these payments.

During an IRS interview, Jeffrey Gelfound, an accountant who had assisted Hunter Biden with his tax returns for several years, admitted that he had not verified whether the Venmo payments were genuinely business-related expenses. Gelfound confessed that he had never requested documentation to substantiate the validity of these expenses. Additionally, excerpts from interviews with one of the women involved in these transactions suggest that the payments were indeed for escort services. One woman even felt threatened when Hunter Biden displayed a photo of his father and Barack Obama.

Furthermore, Gelfound acknowledged that he had never required any other client to sign a letter confirming the accuracy of the information provided to accountants. However, Hunter Biden was asked to sign such a letter, indicating potential doubts regarding the reliability of the information he supplied.

In a separate development, a Suspicious Activity Report filed by Hunter Biden's bank in 2019 flagged millions of dollars in questionable transactions dating back to at least 2014, some of which appeared to be payments to women associated with an alleged sex trafficking ring in Eastern Europe. By the fall of 2020, investigators began focusing on potential violations of the Mann Act, a law that criminalizes the transportation of prostitutes across state lines.

The documents also shed light on the genesis of the Hunter Biden investigation. It appears that the IRS initiated its inquiry after uncovering unpaid taxes linked to a British pornography website that had made payments to an alleged escort. Subsequently, it was revealed that Hunter Biden had also made payments to the same individual. This revelation suggests that the investigation into Hunter Biden's financial affairs may not have been instigated if it were not for this connection to an alleged prostitute.

In light of these revelations, serious questions surround Hunter Biden's financial dealings. The evidence points to his improper classification of payments to prostitutes as legitimate business expenses and attempts to evade taxes. Moreover, the potential involvement of an Eastern European sex trafficking ring raises further concerns. A comprehensive and transparent investigation is imperative to ensure that justice is served and any wrongdoing is appropriately addressed.

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