Nehls, Moore Introduce Bill to Let Taxpayers Choose Domestic Spending Over Foreign Aid

Representative Troy Nehls, a Republican from Texas, recently introduced the “Spend It At Home Act,” a bill aimed at giving control of tax dollars to American citizens. If the bill becomes law, taxpayers would be able to choose whether their taxes are used for domestic purposes or international aid when filing their federal income tax forms. Representative Barry Moore, a fellow Republican from Alabama, co-sponsored the bill with Nehls.

Nehls explained that many of his constituents are frustrated with their taxes being used for international purposes, particularly in light of the current situation at the US-Mexico border. He believes that providing taxpayers with the option to allocate their tax dollars domestically or abroad would show that the government is not ignoring the will of the American people.

The introduction of the bill is believed to be a response to the recent approval of $95 billion in foreign aid to countries like Israel and Ukraine. Many Republicans, including Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, have opposed this allocation of funds, arguing that the money should be spent within the United States.

The legislation is designed to address concerns that a significant portion of federal income tax is used for international purposes, despite the preferences of American taxpayers. Representative Moore emphasized that the bill would empower taxpayers to have a say in where their hard-earned money is being directed.

While Republicans hold a majority in the House of Representatives, the bill’s passage in the Senate seems unlikely due to the current balance of power. Representative Nehls, however, remains hopeful that the data gathered from this legislation will encourage his colleagues to prioritize American interests.

Written by Staff Reports

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