Netanyahu Accuses US of Slowing Weapon Shipments Amid Rising Tensions

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is once again throwing down the gauntlet, letting the world know that the United States hasn’t sent a meaningful shipment of weapons to Israel in months. The White House, predictably, is rushing to deny these claims, painting a rosy picture of their unwavering support.

Netanyahu, who previously hinted at a slowdown in U.S. weapons shipments, doubled down during a Sunday cabinet meeting. He pulled no punches, alleging that for the past four months, significant military aid has been more rumor than reality. The Biden administration, in typical fashion, vehemently denies these statements, much as they vigorously deny any responsibility for the rampant inflation or rising crime rates in their own backyard.

The Israeli Prime Minister made it clear that he and his government have been banging on the doors of their American “friends,” pleading for faster weapons deliveries. They reached out through every possible channel and got plenty of bureaucratic excuses, but not the essentials needed to change the situation on the ground. Netanyahu emphasized that while a few minor items trickled in, the bulk of the necessary armaments were left gathering dust somewhere stateside.

A White House official echoed the words of National Security Council spokesman John Kirby, who seems to be the designated damage-control spin doctor. Kirby insists, without a hint of irony, that the U.S. isn’t interested in addressing every political statement Netanyahu makes. Instead, the administration looks forward to what they call “constructive consultations” with Israel’s Defense Minister. Translation: they’re hoping Netanyahu will lower his voice so they can pretend to listen.

Kirby was clearly rattled by Netanyahu’s accusations. He expressed dismay and confusion, as if the idea that the U.S. might not be Israel’s most reliable ally was some far-fetched conspiracy theory. He rolled out the well-worn trope that no other country does as much to help Israel fend off threats from Hamas and other regional adversaries. Kirby lamented that the Prime Minister’s statements were not only inaccurate but also disappointing. One can almost hear the tiny violins playing in the background.

As tensions escalate between the Biden administration and the Netanyahu government, especially given Israel’s actions in Rafah that Washington had frowned upon for months, it looks like the stage is set for a showdown. Netanyahu is slated to address a joint session of Congress on July 24, and one can only imagine what fireworks will fly then. Will the U.S. administration continue to claim innocence, or will they finally step up and support one of their staunchest allies? Only time will tell, but don’t hold your breath.

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