Netanyahu Rebukes Biden: No Palestinian State on Terror’s Terms!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stood strong in the face of U.S. President Joe Biden’s push for a peace plan that ended in resounding rejection by the Israeli government. Netanyahu took a bold stand by presenting a version of Biden’s peace plan — which included a Palestinian state imposed from outside — to his government for a vote and garnered a unanimous rejection.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken persisted in pressuring Israel to accept a Palestinian state as the resolution to the conflict initiated by the Hamas terrorists’ relentless attack on Israel. However, the Israeli government stood firm in its opposition to international dictates, making it clear that any potential settlement with the Palestinians would only come through direct negotiations, without preconditions.

Unwavering in their stance, the Israeli government firmly opposed unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state, emphasizing that such recognition following the brutal October 7th massacre would be a misguided reward for terrorism and would hinder any future peace agreement.

Furthermore, the Biden administration’s relentless fixation on a Palestinian state prior to the conflict was evident, reportedly obstructing Saudi-Israeli peace negotiations due to the absence of explicit support for a Palestinian state in the proposed deal. This relentless pursuit of a Palestinian state contradicts the overwhelming opposition from Israelis, who are no strangers to the relentless rocket and terror attacks from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu emphasized the necessity of direct negotiations without preconditions and reiterated Israel’s steadfast opposition to the unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state, particularly in the aftermath of the heinous October 7th massacre. Additionally, the Biden administration’s proposal to leverage hostage negotiations with Hamas to achieve a broader Israeli-Arab peace deal inclusive of a Palestinian state reflects a return to outdated conventional wisdom.

The Biden administration’s failure to expand the Abraham Accords by adding a single country since taking office in 2021 serves as a stark contrast to President Donald Trump’s demonstration of an alternative approach to achieving peace in the region. Trump’s successful Abraham Accords, which excluded a Palestinian state and did not prioritize the Palestinian issue, demonstrated that peace between Israel and Arab states was achievable without resolving the Palestinian matter first.

Netanyahu’s resolute defiance against the Biden administration’s push for a Palestinian state exemplifies Israel’s commitment to securing peace through direct negotiations and opposing unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state. The ongoing tensions between the two governments underscore the divergent approaches to achieving peace in the Middle East, with Netanyahu standing firm on principles aligned with Israel’s long-term security and stability.

Written by Staff Reports

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