New GOP Bill Stops CCP Dead In It’s Tracks

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is at it again, buying up huge swathes of American farmland near military installations across the nation. But thanks to the swift actions of certain governors, like South Dakota’s fearless leader Kristi Noem, the CCP’s plans have now been thwarted by legislation that bars them from buying property. However, the CCP’s desire to gobble up precious mineral and energy resources, which our great country so desperately needs, remains as strong as ever.

Thankfully, Republican Congressman Michael Waltz, alongside his new Democrat ally Josh Gottheimer, are here to save the day with their new piece of heroic legislation – the CCP Lease Abolishment for Minerals and Petroleum Act. This miraculous bill, when passed, will prevent the Department of Interior from allowing any new or existing energy and mineral leases to be issued, renewed, or transferred to any company that is owned or controlled by the CCP.

Speaking about this critical issue, Congressman Waltz declared, “The CCP is using underhanded tactics to do terrible things to our great nation. They are exploiting our free-market economy, stealing our resources, and infiltrating our institutions. We need to put a stop to this insidious activity, and end their corrupt hold over our land and resources.” Congressman Gottheimer added, “The CCP is an enemy to both Republicans and Democrats alike. Their desire to breach our country’s infrastructure, steal our intellectual property and control our resources is a clear existential threat to our national security.”

It’s clear that the CCP is determined to win this game of global domination at any cost. But with brave and determined patriots like Congressman Waltz and Gottheimer on our side, the CCP’s days of exploiting loopholes and stealing our precious resources are numbered.

Sadly, not everyone is as invested in our country’s security as these two great Congressmen. President Joe Biden seems to think that it’s perfectly acceptable to let the CCP continue to compete with us on an unlevel playing field, while they undermine our nation both economically and diplomatically. But as we navigate these dangerous times, it’s reassuring to know that there are still strong-willed leaders like Michael Waltz and Josh Gottheimer working to end the CCP’s reign of terror over our great nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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