New Jersey Taxpayers Shell Out $7 Billion for Illegal Aliens

In New Jersey, taxpayers are footing the bill for illegal aliens to the tune of $7 billion each year. State assemblyman Paul Kanitra’s report revealed that the cost of caring for illegal aliens in the state has reached a staggering amount, with an estimated 892,000 illegal aliens residing in New Jersey. This means that every worker in the state ends up shouldering nearly $1,600 annually to support these individuals, while households bear over $2,100 each per year.

This eye-opening report highlights the strain that illegal immigration places on American taxpayers. It is unfair for hardworking citizens to have to bear the financial burden of individuals who are in the country unlawfully. With the Biden administration’s lax border policies exacerbating the situation, the costs are only expected to rise in the coming years.

The report also points out that previous assessments have shown a significant disparity between the taxes paid by illegal aliens and the government services they receive. This imbalance further underscores the negative impact of illegal immigration on the economy and the welfare of American citizens. It is crucial for policymakers to address these issues and prioritize the needs of legal residents over those who have flouted the law.

As conservatives, we must demand accountability from elected officials and advocate for policies that uphold the rule of law and protect the interests of American citizens. The fact that billions of dollars are being spent on illegal aliens in New Jersey alone is a clear indication that immediate action is needed to address this systemic problem. By holding politicians accountable and pushing for stronger border enforcement, we can work towards a more secure and prosperous future for all Americans.

Written by Staff Reports

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