Newsom’s Latest Madness: Slaps Temecula Schools with Whopping $1.5M Fine

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s latest antics have once again showcased his insanity and disregard for the Constitution. Newsom’s AB 2098, the “COVID misinformation” law, is facing inevitable failure, just like his previous attempts to trample on the rights of Californians. However, that hasn’t stopped him from playing dictator and targeting the Temecula Valley Unified School District Board. The board made the reasonable decision to not use supplemental material that referenced Harvey Milk, a controversial figure who has been accused of pedophilia. In response, Newsom called the board chairman names and unleashed the California Attorney General and the Superintendent of Public Instruction on him. Newsom’s threats have now become a reality as he fines the school district $1.5 million for refusing to comply with his demands.

Not only is Newsom infringing on the free speech rights of doctors with his “misinformation” law, but now he is also trampling on the rights of parents and local communities to decide what is suitable for their children’s education. It’s clear that Newsom’s progressive agenda is his top priority, even if it means steamrolling over the rights and values of Californians. The $1.5 million fine is just another example of Newsom’s abuse of power and his willingness to waste taxpayer dollars on unnecessary lawsuits. It’s almost as though he enjoys instigating these battles just to prove his own dominance.

Newsom’s disregard for the law and the voices of the people is a clear indication of his delusion and arrogance. He believes he can push his own vision of governance onto the state and the nation, all to boost his own presidential ambitions. But Californians are not fooled. Newsom’s actions only further solidify the fact that he is not fit for office and cares more about his own political career than the well-being of the state. As the lawsuits pile up, it’s clear that Newsom’s reign of arrogance and overreach cannot go unchecked.

Source: RedState

Written by Staff Reports

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