Nonpartisan Group Criticizes NC for Biased Early Voting Sites

A report from a nonpartisan group concerned with making sure elections are fair said that North Carolina is not following the law when choosing places for early voting. The group, Verity Vote, found at least 16 locations in 12 counties where early voting is happening on college campuses where Democrats are more common than Republicans.

The group pointed out that state law says early voting places should not favor or be against any political party. They said that when voting happens on a college campus, it gives an edge to Democrats.

Verity Vote said this is against the law and that North Carolina election officials need to move the college voting places to different locations that are more neutral and do not help one party more than another.

The report also showed that in the 2020 election, the college polling places had a big difference in the number of people who voted for President Joe Biden compared to former President Donald Trump. The group said that voting on college campuses can make it hard for people who do not go to the college to vote because of parking rules and hard-to-find voting spots.

Verity Vote said that state election officials in North Carolina are not doing what they are supposed to do to make sure voting spots are fair. They said the North Carolina State Board of Elections needs to fix the problem right away.

The report shows that in the upcoming 2024 election, it is very important that voting places follow the law and are fair for everyone. It also tells people they should help support The Western Journal to keep fighting for fairness in elections and to make sure America stays strong and true to its values.

Written by Staff Reports

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