NY Times Admits: Biden’s a Bust, Dems Desperate as Polls Plunge!

The New York Times has raised a question that many conservatives have been posing: Is the Democratic Party stuck with a problematic presidential candidate in President Joe Biden? According to the Times' Thomas B. Edsall, party elites seem to answer with a resounding yes. Edsall paints a bleak picture, describing Biden's situation as "dangerous" as key voting blocs that Democrats typically rely on appear to be slipping away.

A recent poll conducted by Democracy Corps, led by Stan Greenberg and James Carville, revealed surprising results. Even demographics traditionally considered part of the Democratic base, such as Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, the LGBTQ+ community, Gen Z, millennials, unmarried women, and college-educated women, are reportedly giving Donald Trump higher approval ratings than Biden.

Adding to the challenges, recent NBC News polling indicates that Democrats and Republicans are nearly tied on middle-class issues, with Democrats holding only a slim 2-point lead. In the Real Clear Politics aggregate of polls, Biden is trailing Trump by 2 points, marking a shift in fortunes compared to the constant attention Trump received from the left during the previous four years.

Not even David Axelrod, a former Obama administration adviser, is optimistic. He openly questions Biden's chances in 2024, emphasizing the undeniable fact that "the age arrow only points in one direction." This hints at the possibility that Biden should consider stepping aside to spare the party from potential embarrassment. Allegedly, Biden himself used a less-than-friendly term to describe Axelrod in a private conversation.

Despite the evident challenges, it appears that the Democrats are committed to Biden, with the Democratic National Committee dismissing any potential challengers and effectively handing the nomination to him. The situation has a sense of inevitability, akin to watching a slow-motion car crash, with the Democrats seemingly unable to change course.

In conclusion, the Democrats find themselves with a struggling candidate, and sympathy is hard to avoid for those across the aisle. The unfolding situation resembles a political drama, where the protagonist is sinking rapidly, and there's no apparent rescue plan. The Democrats may indeed need a stroke of luck as they navigate these challenging political waters.






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