NYC Busts Illegal Immigrant Den: A Biden-Blindfolded Crisis!

New York City took swift action to shut down a storefront in the Bronx that was housing a bunch of immigrants illegally, folks. The Department of Buildings found a whopping 45 beds crammed into this place, along with extension cords, e-bikes, and other dangerous stuff. Talk about a fire hazard, yikes!

The guy running this illegal operation, Ebou Sarr, had already been busted for doing the same thing at a furniture store in Queens. These immigrants were living in dangerous and unsanitary conditions, but hey, at least Sarr was making a pretty penny off of them, charging $300 a month. What a swell guy, right?

Now, let’s talk about the bigger picture here, friends. New York City is being overwhelmed by illegal immigrants ever since Biden took office. The city has shelled out over $2 billion to deal with this mess. That’s money that could have gone to helping American citizens or fixing up the crumbling infrastructure in the Big Apple. But hey, who cares about that, right?

The Biden administration’s lax immigration policies have led to a massive surge in folks coming across the southern border. We’re talking millions, people! And don’t get me started on CBP encountering over 750,000 illegal immigrants already this fiscal year. That’s a whole lot of folks ignoring the law and coming into our country unchecked.

It’s great to see Trump and Biden finally getting down to the border to address this crisis. But let’s be real, Trump had things under control until Biden came along and messed it all up. Maybe if Biden spent more time securing the border and less time playing politics, we wouldn’t have folks living in dangerous conditions in places like the Bronx.

New York City officials need to crack down on these illegal operations and put America first. Enough with the lawlessness and endangering people’s lives. It’s time to prioritize the safety and well-being of Americans before anything else. Let’s hope they learn their lesson and start taking real action to protect our country.

Written by Staff Reports

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