NYC Serves Illegals on Silver Platter, Leaves Citizens Starving

Tensions Rise as Big Apple’s Citizens Take a Back Seat to Illegal Immigrants

Enough is enough! New York City, once known as the bustling beacon of hope for hardworking Americans, is turning into a sanctuary for illegal immigrants while leaving its own citizens out in the cold. This Thanksgiving, many low-income residents were denied a holiday meal from the food bank simply because illegal immigrants were prioritized. It seems that the plight of everyday New Yorkers is being swept aside in favor of those who have broken our laws.

Queensbridge Housing resident, Georgia Butler, rightfully voiced her frustration to Fox 5. She questioned why her community, already grappling with numerous challenges, was being left to suffer even more. It is a valid concern. Why should hardworking citizens, who have contributed to society and paid their dues, be forced to take the brunt of every hardship?

Sadly, it’s not just Georgia Butler’s community that’s bearing the brunt. Seniors, who have dedicated their lives to building this city, are also feeling the impact. Dozens of seniors were heartlessly kicked out of their senior center, as it was converted into a shelter for illegal immigrants. Imagine being 94 years old, believing you had found a place to spend the rest of your days, only to be forcibly uprooted. Frank Tammaro, one of those affected, rightly highlighted the injustice of the situation. While illegal immigrants benefit from handouts and accommodations, long-standing citizens are being disregarded.

New York City, a city that prides itself on its inclusivity, has now become an accomplice to this disregard for its own citizens. Since October 2022, there have been over 200 locations across New York City converted into emergency shelters for illegal immigrants. Mayor Eric Adams proudly boasts that the city is spending a whopping $5 million PER DAY to house and feed these individuals. Meanwhile, hardworking Americans who are paying their taxes and contributing to society receive nothing in return.

It is infuriating to watch as our leaders prioritize the needs of illegal immigrants over the struggles of American citizens. This misguided approach is tearing at the very fabric of our nation. Barbara Annunziata, daughter of one of the affected seniors, rightfully points out the alarming reality: “They’re worried about the migrants more than they’re worried about the U.S. citizens.”

As conservative Republicans, we believe in upholding the rule of law and protecting the rights and well-being of American citizens. It is high time our leaders recognize that their duty is to put the needs of hardworking, law-abiding citizens first. New York City should be a sanctuary for American values and its citizens, not a safe haven for those who have entered our country illegally.

Let us reclaim the spirit of New York City, where fairness and justice prevail, and ensure that the rights and well-being of its citizens always take precedence over the demands of illegal immigrants.

Written by Staff Reports

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