Obama Aides Doubt Biden: Age & Failing Policies Worry 80% of Americans

Hot off the press! It seems like even the former aides from the Obama administration are starting to see the writing on the wall when it comes to good ol’ Joe Biden. Yep, you heard it right, folks – even those who worked side by side with Biden are raising concerns about his age and mental sharpness. And let’s face it, when your own team is whispering about your shortcomings, it’s not looking good for Sleepy Joe.

According to the insiders, Biden’s sounding like a record on its last spin, all crackly and frail. They’re pointing out that he’s shuffling around and sounding more like a grandpa telling tales on the porch than a strong leader. Looks like the concerns about his age are a very real thing, with polls showing that a whopping 80% of Americans are worried about having an 81-year-old dude as president. And let’s be real, when the majority are fretting about your age, it’s time to listen up.

Now, some of the Obama crew are trying to smooth things over by suggesting that Biden tackles this head-on. But, come on, folks! Do we really want a president who can’t remember what year it is in a simple interview? It’s not just about his creaky bones; it’s his policies too! Six out of 10 Americans are giving Biden’s failing policies a big thumbs down. It’s like they’re saying, “Thanks, but no thanks, Joe.”

And let’s not forget the advice to let “Biden be Biden.” Because, you know, nothing says leader of the free world like getting angry at Trump and attacking those MAGA folks. That strategy isn’t exactly winning hearts and minds. Biden just keeps reminding everyone about his deficiencies, like a broken record on repeat.

So, as the dust settles, the question remains – with his age concerns and unpopular policies, why should anyone vote for him? It’s a tough one to answer, but seems like the tide might be turning against old Uncle Joe. It’s not doom and gloom; it’s just the harsh reality of politics. Tick-tock, Joe, tick-tock.

Written by Staff Reports

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