Obama Guides Biden in Awkward $28M Fundraiser Moment in LA

Former President Barack Obama has taken on the role of Joe Biden’s personal guide, both financially and—let’s face it—physically. Over the weekend, Obama helped Biden rake in a staggering $28 million in Los Angeles, but it wasn’t without its share of awkward moments. A viral clip from the event showed Obama practically leading Biden off the stage by the hand, a scene that screams “Weekend at Bernie’s” more than it does “leader of the free world.”

Some media personalities, like Fox News’ Brit Hume, tried to downplay the incident, suggesting it didn’t necessarily showcase Biden’s trademark aloofness. Still, the image of Obama playing “Visiting Angels” didn’t exactly do wonders for Biden’s image. Interestingly, one could almost envision Biden staffers gritting their teeth, knowing that this little display would inevitably fuel the narrative that Joe’s just not all there anymore.

And really, who would want to argue against that narrative? Anyone with a functional pair of eyes has seen better examples of Biden’s mental decline. Remember his trip to the G7 Summit in Italy? Even the usually diplomatic European press couldn’t ignore the sight of an American president seeming like he was lost on a field trip. The Dems have been trying to yell “fake news” every time a clip of Biden zoning out goes viral. They claim the videos lack context or have been edited, but multiple outlets have confirmed that these aren’t deepfakes. It’s all real, folks.

Another gem from the LA event was Obama’s candid facial expressions while Biden attempted to talk about his economic record. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t pretty. For anyone interested in a masterclass on how to look both appalled and trying-to-keep-it-together, Obama’s reactions were pure gold. This is the man who reportedly told Biden, “You don’t need to run,” and it’s safe to say his body language was screaming that very sentiment.

Amidst all this, Obama continues to be a team player for the Democrat cause. Sure, he may look like he’s about to facepalm every time Biden speaks incoherently, but loyalty to the party comes first. The former president might have once said, “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to mess things up,” but now he’s out there holding Biden’s hand—though clearly, he’d rather be doing anything else.

So, here we are: Obama playing the reluctant caretaker, wheeling out Joe Biden in what could be described as the most awkward fundraising event in history. The Democrats continue to prop up their man, all while the rest of us watch in disbelief and wonder, is this really the best they can do?

Written by Staff Reports

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