Ohio Guv Betrays Kids, Sides with Trans Lobby in Veto Fury!

Ohio’s own Republican Governor Mike DeWine displayed a disappointing lack of backbone when he vetoed a critical bill designed to safeguard children from harmful and irreversible transgender medical procedures, as well as to prevent male-born transgender individuals from unfairly competing in girls’ and women’s sports. The Enact Ohio Saving Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act (HB 68) had sailed through the state legislature with overwhelming support from DeWine’s own party, the Republicans. However, the governor’s inexplicable decision to side with the radical leftists and the transgender lobby has left many scratching their heads.

DeWine, seemingly swayed by the left’s exaggerated tales, lamentably claimed that opposition to transgenderism leads to trans kids taking their own lives. He even went as far as to state that he arrived at his veto decision after discussing with medical professionals and hearing from youth and parents, some of whom asserted that without such treatments, their child might not survive. It is astonishing that Governor DeWine could ignore the overwhelming evidence against these harmful medical procedures and instead choose to cater to the demands of the transgender lobby.

The governor also took the audacious step of directing his administration to draft regulations that would appease the transgender lobby, defying the legislature’s efforts to counter this intrusion. DeWine unashamedly implored the legislature to stand with him to endorse the extreme transgender agenda for children, while dismissing the concerns of those who seek to protect young and vulnerable individuals from irreversible and life-altering decisions. Incredibly, DeWine had the temerity to assert that his decision to veto the bill was in the best interest of the children, despite all evidence pointing to the contrary.

The retaliatory backlash from disappointed Republicans was swift and severe. President of the American Principles Project (APP), Terry Schilling, strongly condemned DeWine’s veto, pointing out that the governor’s capitulation to the transgender industry was a sign of his inadequacy as a leader. Schilling emphasized the urgent need for leaders who are willing to confront the reprehensible lies being peddled by the transgender activists and take action to protect children and families. Similarly, women’s sports activist Riley Gaines did not mince words, delivering a scathing rebuke to the governor, labeling him as a coward who endorses the unjust intrusion of males into women’s sports and the harmful medical practices on children.


Written by Staff Reports

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