Oklahoma Fights Back: LGBT Activists Shut Down, No Room for Lib Agenda Here!

Oklahoma is standing strong against the liberal agenda, with a recent petition launched by prominent LGBT activists demanding that Chaya Raichik, the woman behind the controversial Libs of TikTok account, steer clear of the state. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), known for pushing the LGBT narrative, is feeling the heat from Oklahomans who are fed up with outside interference.

The petition warns Raichik to cancel her trip to the deeply conservative state, citing her role in inflaming tensions that supposedly led to the tragic death of a transgender student. The LGBTQ+ community is up in arms, claiming Raichik’s reporting on the state’s education system is to blame for spreading hate and violence.

The open letter from the HRC accuses Raichik of targeting Oklahoman youth and inciting division and fear. It calls for her resignation from the state’s Education Department’s Library Media Advisory Committee, a move supported by many residents who see her as a threat to their values and beliefs.

Raichik, a social media influencer with a large following, has covered issues like progressive indoctrination in schools, drawing ire from left-leaning individuals in Oklahoma. Her work has shed light on disturbing trends in education, such as teachers promoting the rejection of parental values based on sexuality.

The pushback against Raichik’s visit shows Oklahoma’s resolve to protect its conservative principles and uphold traditional values. The state is sending a clear message: progressive influencers spreading divisive propaganda are not welcome here. It’s time to keep liberal activism out of Oklahoma and let our communities thrive without outside interference.

Written by Staff Reports

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