O’Leary Snubs NYC, Labels It Corrupt: Defends Trump, Warns Investors

Famous TV personality Kevin O’Leary has stirred up some major drama by declaring that he’s going to boycott New York City in response to Judge Arthur Engoron’s whopping $355 million ruling against Donald Trump. O’Leary didn’t hold back as he bashed the decision, calling it “corrupt and baseless.” He didn’t stop there – O’Leary also took aim at New York Attorney General Letitia James and Judge Engoron, putting them on blast for their roles in the case.

In a fiery interview with Fox News, O’Leary couldn’t contain his astonishment, saying, “I’m shocked. There’s no rationale for it. I can’t even understand or fathom the decision at all.” Not one to mince words, he went on to slam the entire state of New York, labeling it a “loser state” right alongside California, thanks to its unfriendly policies, sky-high taxes, and red tape galore. O’Leary even went as far as to warn potential investors to steer clear of New York, insisting that he’d never invest there, especially in high-end data centers, which he sees as a major moneymaker in the real estate world.

He was quick to point out that this is more than just a Trump problem, declaring, “This has nothing to do with Trump. Forget about Trump. This is not a Trump situation. This is a New York problem now.”

The ruling, made by Judge Engoron, not only hits Trump in the wallet to the tune of $350 million but also slams the brakes on his New York business dealings for three whole years. Letitia James accused Trump and his company of puffing up the value of their assets in financial records, all in a bid to snag loans, score tax breaks, and swindle insurers. And Engoron didn’t take it easy on Trump either; he insisted that Trump hand over documents and spill the beans under oath, hitting pause on every attempt Trump made to play down the investigation or chuck the case out.

Meanwhile, Trump, chilling in Mar-a-Lago, didn’t hesitate to unleash on Judge Engoron as “corrupt” in a no-holds-barred media takedown, raising a big ol’ stink about New York’s financial downfall, which he claims is all thanks to Biden.

The court’s ruling laid the smackdown on Trump and his business buddies, ruling that they pulled a fast one by dishing out bogus financial figures to score sweet loans and insurance deals. Even though the defense swore up and down that these accusations were all hooey, the court wasn’t buying it, slapping them with a laundry list of punishments, like appointing an independent watchdog, installing a compliance chief, and clapping strict limits on Trump’s New York business dealings for a good chunk of time.

Written by Staff Reports

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