Outrageous Rivera Rants, Rips Apart Tucker’s Journalism Tactics!

Geraldo Rivera, the veteran journalist, has come out swinging against Tucker Carlson, the former Fox News host. In a fiery and sharp-tongued rant, Rivera criticized Carlson for “making a mockery of the tenets of journalism.” Rivera didn’t hold back, starting his remarks with a bold statement, calling Carlson’s behavior “pathetic, really pathetic.” It seems like Rivera believes that Carlson has become too full of himself, saying he has gotten “way too big for his britches.”

But Rivera’s main concern seems to lie in Carlson’s approach to journalism. He lamented that the worst part of Carlson’s actions was the heartless practicality he displayed. For Rivera, it’s as if the news industry has been turned upside down, with the media no longer guiding the audience but instead being swayed by the audience down a potentially dangerous path.

Rivera shared his thoughts in a video, emphasizing that it wasn’t the supposedly malicious media leading the audience anymore, but the audience leading the supposedly malicious media. In the end, Rivera didn’t mince words, stating his belief that what Carlson did was unforgivable.

Editorial: It’s about time someone called out Tucker Carlson for his questionable journalistic practices. It’s clear that he has let his ego run wild, and it’s refreshing to see Geraldo Rivera put him in his place. Journalism should be about uncovering the truth and serving the public, not about promoting personal agendas or sowing division. Carlson’s actions are a disservice to the profession and to the American people. We need journalists who prioritize integrity and responsible reporting, and Rivera’s critique highlights the importance of that. Hopefully, this will serve as a wake-up call for Carlson and others like him in the media industry.

Written by Staff Reports

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