Parents Could Gain Med Control for Kids in Illinois Push!

A group led by former state representative Jeanne Ives is making moves to put parents’ rights at the forefront in Illinois. The Parents Matter Coalition, representing concerned parents across the state, is making a bold push to regain control over their children’s medical decisions.

The coalition, backed by the Illinois Right to Life Organization, is spearheading a petition drive to empower parents to have the final say in major medical choices for their minor children. They’re aiming to gather an impressive 500,000 signatures to ensure the advisory question appears on the November 2024 ballot.

The question is straightforward: Should parents or guardians be required to give written consent before minors can undergo nonemergency medical procedures, including gender modification and abortion? The coalition believes this is common-sense legislation that reinforces the vital role of parents in their children’s lives.

Mary Kate Zander of the Illinois Right to Life Organization emphasized that this initiative is about restoring balance and common sense to the relationship between parents and their children. She made it clear that requiring parental consent for significant medical decisions aligns with existing norms, pointing out that minors need parental permission for everyday activities, from getting their ears pierced to purchasing medication.

While this initiative won’t directly change state law, Jeanne Ives stressed that it could apply pressure on the state legislature to heed the concerns of Illinois parents. By putting this advisory question on the ballot, they intend to send a strong message to lawmakers that parents’ rights are non-negotiable.

If successful, this push for parental consent could make waves on the November 2024 ballot, signaling a potential shift in how Illinois views the rights of parents in their children’s healthcare decisions.

Written by Staff Reports

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