Pay Raise for Soldiers Over Student Loan Forgiveness

In a world where some politicians are trying to win votes with the promise of student loan forgiveness, it’s time to shift the focus to those who truly deserve our support: our soldiers. These brave men and women put their lives on the line daily to protect our freedoms, yet many struggle to make ends meet. Meanwhile, a generation of students, many of whom chose degrees with little market value, are demanding handouts.

Let’s get one thing straight. Our soldiers voluntarily sign up to defend our nation, often leaving behind families and facing dangers most of us can’t imagine. They don’t ask for much – just a fair wage for their invaluable service. But instead of prioritizing their needs, we’re entertaining the idea of bailing out students who often took out loans for degrees that don’t lead to well-paying jobs.

This isn’t to say education isn’t important. But responsibility and priorities matter. Soldiers don’t get to take a gap year to find themselves. They don’t have the luxury of protesting in college quads about perceived injustices. They are out there in the real world, facing real threats, and we owe them more than just our gratitude.

Student loan forgiveness is a band-aid on a broken system. It rewards bad financial decisions and poor planning. If we start handing out money to every disgruntled graduate, where does it end? More importantly, what message does it send to those who chose not to take out massive loans or who worked hard to pay them off?

Our military personnel deserve better. They deserve a government that puts their needs above the wants of a vocal minority. They deserve pay raises, better living conditions, and the assurance that their country values their sacrifice. Before we even consider wiping out student debt, we need to look after those who keep us safe.

Written by Staff Reports

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