PC Culture Strikes Again, Aims to Disarm the Washington Commanders!

In February 2022, the Washington Football Team owner, Mr. Snyder, finally decided to change their name from the Redskins to the Commanders after 87 long years. But hold on to your cleats, folks, because it seems like this name drama is far from over! It’s giving them a real headache, let me tell you.

Just recently, the Native American Guardian’s Association (NAGA) sent a strongly worded letter to the team, threatening to launch a national boycott if they don’t go back to their old name. Can you believe it? These folks are ready to make some serious noise, but without throwing a single brick or blocking a single highway. Isn’t that considerate of them?

The founder and president of NAGA, Eunice Davidson, even brought up a survey from 2016 where The Washington Post found that a whopping 90 percent of Native Americans didn’t find the old name offensive. Now, isn’t that something? Why should they change it if the people it’s supposed to offend don’t even feel offended?

Davidson also made sure to point out that other sports teams, like the Chicago Blackhawks and the Kansas City Chiefs, haven’t had to change their Native American-themed names. Good point, Davidson! If those teams can keep their names, why should the Washington Football Team give up theirs?

But wait, there’s more! NAGA didn’t stop at just writing a letter. They also started a petition on, and guess what? It’s going viral! With over 76,000 signatures already, it seems like there are plenty of folks who want to keep the old name alive.

So, what’s it gonna be, Mr. Snyder? The ball’s in your court. Will you stand up for the history and value of the American Indian, or will you cave to the demands of a vocal minority? We’re all waiting to see which way you’ll toss that pigskin.

Written by Staff Reports

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