Pelosi Admits Security Failures on Jan 6th, Undermines Democrat Narrative

House GOP investigators have released a video showing former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi talking about the security failure during the Capitol riot in January 2021. In the video, Pelosi accepts responsibility for the lack of adequate security and accountability that day, criticizing the failure to prepare for the violence. This revelation challenges the narrative pushed by Democrats blaming former President Trump for the events of that day.

Pelosi’s comments in the video highlight her frustration with the lack of preparedness and the failure to have the National Guard present from the start. Her admission of responsibility contradicts the claims made by the J6 Select Committee, which has been focusing on blaming Trump for the events of that day. This newly released video undermines their narrative and raises questions about the taxpayer funds spent on their investigation.

The delay in releasing this video raises concerns about transparency and political motives behind keeping such information hidden. Pelosi’s spokesperson dismissing the video as cherry-picked and out of context further adds to the skepticism surrounding the handling of the Capitol riot investigation. It is clear that Pelosi’s own words now challenge the narrative pushed by the Democrats and their investigative committee.

This bombshell video reinforces the need for accountability and transparency in dealing with the events of January 6th. It is crucial to have a complete and unbiased understanding of what happened that day to prevent such incidents in the future. The Republican response to this video highlights the importance of truth and honesty in addressing the Capitol riot and holding those responsible accountable.

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