Pelosi Slams Supreme Court as Rogue Institution in Fiery CNN Interview

Former President Trump’s masterstroke of appointing conservative justices to the Supreme Court has sent the Left into a tailspin. The leftists, who are no longer getting their whimsical policies rubber-stamped by the Court, have resorted to their usual playbook of delegitimizing and undermining institutions they can’t control. Their latest spree includes exploring the infamous court packing, openly defying Court decisions like Biden’s unconstitutional student loan handouts, and going after conservative justices under the guise of baseless ethics violations. Democrats and their media allies seem to have coordinated efforts seamlessly.

Nancy Pelosi, in her prime form, gave an eyeful during a recent CNN interview, as the nation anxiously waits for major Court decisions. She didn’t hold back, claiming that the Supreme Court has “gone rogue” — a dramatic performance matched only by her flair for theatricality.

Meanwhile, Anderson Cooper of CNN stirred the pot, asking Pelosi if she had any confidence in the Supreme Court. Pelosi, in her signature hyperbolic style, expressed that she believed the justices had betrayed their oaths and even hinted that the Chief Justice had either gone weak or gone rogue. It’s typical of Pelosi to escalate her narratives with half-baked accusations and finger-wagging.

Pelosi further lamented over the Court’s refusal to bow to progressive ideals, slamming the justices by suggesting they failed to honor their confirmation hearing promises. One could argue that Pelosi misses the days when the Court’s decisions aligned perfectly with her partisan agendas, rather than respecting the Constitution as its lodestar.

The rhetoric grew even more unhinged as Pelosi equated the actions of the Supreme Court with the behavior of rioters during the Capitol incident. She extended her grief to criticize Republicans who voted against the Electoral College results, painting herself as the lone defender of democracy. It’s an elaborate narrative designed to stoke fear and distrust in institutions that refuse to be puppeteered by the Left.

Despite her impassioned diatribe, Pelosi’s claim doesn’t hold up under scrutiny. As noted by law professor Jonathan Turley, the Supreme Court’s rulings have not consistently broken down along ideological lines. The Court has made numerous decisions without the partisan divides that Pelosi and her ilk love to exploit. But for the Left, facts and nuance are hidden beneath the avalanche of sensationalism and “end-of-days” hysteria.

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