Pete Buttigieg Fawns Over Hillary In Cringiest Event Ever

Over the weekend, there was an event at Vanderbilt University’s Langford Auditorium where Pete Buttigieg and Hillary Clinton spoke. However, their conversation was focused mostly on their unsuccessful presidential campaigns, and some people found their discussion to be awkward and overly self-promoting, given their shared belief that they were pioneers in the political arena.

During the event, Buttigieg expressed his admiration for Clinton, stating that he felt honored to be labeled as a “trailblazer” alongside her. However, it was evident that Buttigieg was attempting to flatter Clinton and leverage her reputation to boost his own unsuccessful campaign for presidency.

It appears that Buttigieg lacks enthusiasm for his appointment as Secretary of Transportation by President Biden. Rather than dedicating his efforts towards enhancing the country’s infrastructure, he seems preoccupied with engaging in discussions with unsuccessful political candidates such as Hillary Clinton.

The meeting between Buttigieg and Clinton to discuss their unsuccessful presidential campaigns highlights the liberal agenda promoted by the Biden administration. This preoccupation with personal glorification and self-promotion takes precedence over addressing the concerns and needs of ordinary citizens.

It is imperative that Pete Buttigieg shifts his attention away from his admiration for Hillary Clinton and directs his efforts towards fulfilling his responsibilities as Secretary of Transportation. The American people need a leader who prioritizes enhancing the country’s infrastructure, rather than engaging in conversations with unsuccessful political candidates.

Written by Staff Reports

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