Pirro Blasts Dems’ Border Fix: “Bring Back Trump’s Rules!”

In a fiery exchange on “The Five,” tough-talking Judge Jeanine Pirro let loose on Jessica Tarlov’s call for a bipartisan deal to tackle illegal immigration. Tarlov’s suggestion for more Border Patrol agents had Pirro seeing red, questioning the need for extra manpower. With a no-nonsense attitude, Pirro brought up reinstating Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy and Title 42, adamant that these were the real solutions needed at the border.

Drawing attention to President Biden’s failure to secure a bipartisan border deal, the co-hosts did not hold back in pointing fingers at the Democratic administration. Katie Pavlich didn’t mince words, blaming Biden for inviting the border crisis by sending the wrong message to illegal immigrants through his policies. The murder of Laken Riley, a young nursing student at the hands of a criminal who crossed the border illegally, only fueled the conservative outrage at the lax border security measures.

With over 6.6 million encounters with illegal immigrants since the beginning of fiscal year 2021, the numbers paint a grim picture of the current state of affairs at the border. The failure to invoke cloture on legislation combining foreign aid and border security further highlighted the partisan gridlock on this critical issue. Biden’s finger-pointing at Republicans for the lack of progress did not sit well with the conservative panel on “The Five,” who saw it as a typical blame-shifting tactic from the left.

This clash on “The Five” encapsulates the deep divide in Washington over immigration policy, with the conservative hosts staunchly advocating for stricter measures to address the crisis. The heated debate underscores the ongoing struggle to find common ground in a politically polarized landscape, where ideological differences often overshadow the need for practical solutions. In the eyes of these conservative commentators, Biden’s border policies have created chaos and put American lives at risk, making a bipartisan border deal seem like a distant dream.

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